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Communication & Performance Training Services

Today more than ever, communication skills are vital in everyday life and especially in the workplace. As an experienced speech and drama teacher Roslyn recognises the growth in the importance of public and interpersonal communication for young and old, both in the context of formal education and the wider community.

Increasingly students are being asked to use a wider range of verbal and non-verbal communication skills for the purposes of social and formal exchange.

In a range of contexts young people are expected to communicate confidently, but with clarity and control. Such interaction that is fundamentally assertive in nature is more effective and ensures that opinions and ideas are heard with respect.

To assist with this Roslyn prepares students to be creative and confident speakers.

She teaches students to use their voices more effectively and influentially in every context, powerfully in intimate one to one conversations, or before a large audience and everything in between.

Public Speaking:  

“Would you feel surprised, or even horror, if you were called upon to give a talk or make a speech? If so, you are only one of many people who feel nothing but dismay at the thought of talking to an audience.” Reader’s Digest: How to Write and Speak Better by John Ellison Kahn.

Many business people require a few lessons before giving a presentation to colleagues or clients and Roslyn is able to help them develop the confidence and skills needed by working on speech and vocal technique as well as non-verbal communication.

Roslyn also provides tuition for developing techniques of speech writing, speech presentation and meeting procedure.

Speech and Drama:  

Individual speech and drama lessons allow students to enhance interpretive and presentation skills in relation to a wide variety of literature. This includes voice and speech related activities to help build confidence and verbal and non-verbal communication skills. These lessons include poetry, prose and drama.

Students may prepare for the Toowoomba (or other) Eisteddfod or a School Festival and also for exams. Students are constantly working towards performance outcomes and are thereby able to recognise their own development.

ACM Examinations:  

Students may wish to undertake examinations. On passing these examinations a certificate is provided by the ACM (Australian College of Music)

Examinations are available for the following:-

Speaking & Communicating
The speaking & communicating syllabus is designed to assist students with oral presentations in the class room and workplace as well as everyday situations such as giving directions, proposing a toast, welcoming or farewelling a peer or special guest.

Public Speaking
The Public Speaking syllabus is designed to help students with meeting procedure and speech making.

Speech and Drama
The Speech and Drama syllabus is a graded approach to speaking effectively and to the appreciation of literature and performance.

Performance Skills
The performance skills syllabus is designed for students in Years 10, 11 & 12 who just love to perform.


Roslyn McIvor provides Communication & Performance Training Services
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