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Roslyn McIvor Speech & Drama Teacher

Roslyn McIvor is a highly qualified teacher of Public Speaking, Speaking and Communicating and Speech and Drama. With decades of experience, Roslyn works with a wide range of students aged 6 years to 85 years.

Roslyn works with children experiencing speech and reading problems, any student seeking improved educational outcomes, as well as professionals labouring on important presentations, or those developing individual drama and acting skills. Roslyn also prepares students for eisteddfod and ACM (Australian College of Music) exams.

Roslyn is a sought after adjudicator of festivals and eisteddfodau throughout Australia, she is Vice President and Co-ordinator of Speech Subjects for the Australian College of Music and also an examiner of Public Speaking, Speaking and Communicating, Speech and Drama and Performance Skills for the Australian College of Music.

In 2018 twelve of her students gained the highest mark for their ACM examinations in the State of Queensland, while another nine gained second highest in the State.

Roslyn is also a life member of the Toowoomba Eisteddfod Inc. and a member of the Communication, Speech, and Performance Teachers Association (CSPT).


“I first came in contact with Roslyn McIvor when she taught me speech and drama in primary school. I now home school my daughters and was looking for a speech and drama teacher who would offer them the skills to be able to speak confidently and clearly in all situations.

My daughters have developed this skill under Ros’ teaching but also learnt many more skills that help not only in speech in drama but also academically as well. Ros allows students to choose their own pieces for eisteddfods and exams which encourages the students to develop ownership over the piece and bring to it their interpretations of characters. This encourages the child’s imagination and aids them to consider a literary work with critical thinking.

I am very impressed with the confidence my girls have gained not only as public performers but as writers and readers in general.”

Thank you Ros. | Jacinta, Toowoomba.

“I just love speech and drama! I am going to do it for ever and ever.”

Spoken by Pascale | Aged six years.

Roslyn McIvor - Qualifications

ASDA (Associate Diploma Speech and Drama, Australian Music Examinations Board)

AACM (Associate Diploma, Australian College of Music)

LTCL (Licentiate Diploma, Trinity College of London)

LACM (TD) - (Licentiate Diploma, Australian College of Music Teaching Diploma)

Roslyn McIvor - Accreditation

Examiner & Vice President and Coordinator of Speech Subjects for the Australian College of Music

Life Member of the City of Toowoomba Eisteddfod Inc.

Member of CSPT - Communication Speech Performance Teachers Association


Roslyn McIvor, Speech & Drama Teacher
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